At a Glance

The Company's products and services are organized between enterprise solutions and client categories. Enterprise solutions include servers, storage and related services, software and peripherals. Clients include mobility, desktop products, as well as related services, software and peripherals.

The Company's services include a variety of IT configurations and business services, including infrastructure, technology and application consulting, and business process services. The company also offers a complete suite of solutions for customers who want outlooking from some or all IT management.

Consulting services include IT consulting, strategy consulting, business consulting, application software package solutions and network infrastructure both local and inter-branch network. Fiber optic cable, satelite and wireless as well as radio infrastructure solutions are offered to customers as a communication tool that is now a trend and according to customer needs.


Vision & Mission Company


Making information and telecommunication technology growing and becoming one of the most reliable and trusted partnership that now become the trend and according to customer needs.


Service providers are satisfactory and perfect for customers

Providers of IT services in understanding the quality of service consumers expect.

Service providers in providing services in accordance with established standards